Trich up my sleeve

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like there are literally millions of people who suffer from mental illness but can’t access decent care, so every time i see someone go on a tangent about self-diagnosers i want to ask them what they think those people should do instead.

i am dead fucking serious. tell me. what do you recommend they do? because it kinda sounds like you don’t give a fuck, and that makes you an ableist, classist piece of shit.

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Haven’t Posted Much

Honestly, I’ve been really depressed lately. And I don’t know why. I’ve lost interest in almost everything. I started cutting again. I keep pulling. Last week I actually laid on the couch and sat still for four hours doing nothing. I almost took pills. Thank goodness I have friends that will let me cry on their shoulder and tell me I’m safe.  

So that’s why I haven’t posted too much lately. 

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So I found my old Pooh thingie! They gave me this as something to use instead of pulling my hair out. If my little sister continues to show symptoms of Tricho then I’ll give her this one or find her one online.

I remember when I suffered from trichotillomania this one girl used to shout “Baldie!” at me all the freaking time and later that year she got infested with nits so her mum shaved her bald.
Karma I guess.

To those suffering or to parents who have a child suffering: It does get better. I got better. I’m now 20 and not only am I in a relationship with the love of my life but I have a full head of hair! I haven’t seen a therapist since I left high school over 6 years ago and neither have I pulled out my hair!

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What the DSM-5 Says About: Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders


New blog! We talk about the DSM a lot in the mental health community, and in the BFRB community, too. We get general outlines from presentations and from online sources, but have you ever wondered what the DSM-5 actually has to say about our disorders? Me too! Here is the first of a few blogs that cover what the DSM-5 says about BFRBs and since we’re now categorized in the OCD spectrum, we’re starting with Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders.

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blue trich


after immense episodes of pulling and growing i thought id do something to make me feel better.. i died my hair blue.(or ad-least parts of it xD) it was a pretty big change but dyeing my hair for the first time felt weird. i didn’t touch my hair for days, which was pretty new to me o.0 its been a month now and it didn’t take long to start pulling again, but i can say its not near as bad and bald patches are getting smaller! :) ill try to post a picture soon!