Trich up my sleeve

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Anonymous asked: Hi I have trich and I was wondering if you had any ideas to help me? Thanks!

Hello, friend! I’m sorry about getting back to you so late! Here’s a few tips: 

  • Know your triggers and avoid situations where you will be triggered. I pull privately, so when I think I’m going to pull a lot I go somewhere public. 
  • Buy a spinner ring 
  • Pull out post-it notes 
  • play with a tangle 
  • Put oil in your hair or wet your hair  

I really hope this helps! Take care!

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there is a trich community on tumblr. i don’t know why it never occured to me to check the tag before but i did now and i feel so relieved that there are people. this really shouldn’t be a surprise but i was so used to how people irl reacted that i couldn’t even imagine there could be a place that was comforting about this wow i want to say more but i’m a bit speechless i just want to thank like everyone in the tag for existing

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so I met up with my sister in Central Park to go on this walk for Trichotillomania hosted by NYC BFRB Support Group and it was a lot of fun! Everyone was so nice and after the walk, we all sat down and had a picnic! 

We were all encouraged to make a t-shirt for the walk with a motto on it that helps us get through trich and this is what I came up with! It’s nothing too fancy… like the design is just ironed on… but I love it!

ANYWAYS, I made a matching t-shirt for my sister to wear for the walk, but now that it’s over, she would rather the t-shirt go to someone who has trich and would appreciate/wear it more than her! (what a sweety, right?)

I know I’ve got some followers out there that have trich, so if you’re interested in a free t-shirt (size S for men) and would be comfortable giving me your address so I can send it to you, message me!

(so just to clarify, this giveaway is not endorsed by Tumblr and i’m not looking for you to like or reblog this post to be considered. Just message me that you’re interested! also I’ll probably do a “first-come, first-served” basis but if you’re already following me, let me know, and i’ll definitely give you priority)

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Eyebrow products


I know that there are probably better products you can get for your eyebrows but seeing that I use the products I own very quickly because I have so much to cover up I don’t really have the budget to continue buying an expensive high end product…if you can and you like it then by all means buy away! I’ve discovered that a better product than the e.l.f brow kit is the NYX eyebrow cake powder which I bought at Target!

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hey do any of you pullers have trouble stopping because of your desire to see follicles? if you do, can you please let me know how you are curbing that desire?

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Anonymous asked: I'm beginning to think my trich is hereditary as both my mother and my sister also do it. But for me it had gotten to the point where it was very noticeable. But here's a somewhat unrelated question: does only pulling hair out by the roots fall under trich? I find myself pulling the ends off a LOT when I'm in public and I only pull them out by the roots when I'm at home or alone.


Hey, anon friend. Sorry I’m replying to this so late.

The short answer is no, trich is not exclusively pulling out hair at the roots. 

The slightly longer answer: many people with trich or related disorders engage in other behaviors with their hair, including picking and pulling at split ends and constantly touching and “checking” their hair. 

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I really don’t like the fact that they’re thinking about changing the name trichotillomania. It doesn’t feel like just a name anymore, it feels like that’s who I am. I feel like a name change would be changing me identity.